How it Works?

About ChatterPe™

ChatterPe™ is an intuitive platform that lets you earn quick bucks for expressing your views, every time. A virtual space that empowers you to voice your opinion, likes, dislikes, and preferences on brands, policies, products, places, and so much more.

Sharing your opinion is just the beginning, as the more you ‘chatter – create noise’, the more you get the ‘Pe – Pay’. Every opinion is worth money that can be transferred directly to your e-wallets/m-wallets without any restrictions. You get to define how much you earn at your own pace.

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We Voice

  • Surveys
  • Live Polls
  • Product Experience
  • Videos
  • Gaming

We Influence

  • Brands
  • Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Government

We Earn

  • Pure and simple ‘Money’ instantly